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Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 411 John Spartan (Poll)scubasteve4274/22 9:20AM
I started playing Dwarf Fortress again...
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joemama1992214/22 9:08AM
wow, square enix is an a******.
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helIy144/22 9:02AM
ITT: I'll recommend you movies on Netflix
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Pus_N_Pecans794/22 9:00AM
I had a dream last night I told a girl she looked pretty.Judgmenl64/22 8:48AM
My evening has been amazing (sarcasm)Judgmenl54/22 8:47AM
I am going to make a story about how a 13 yearold girlSt_Kevin94/22 8:45AM
So what's everyone currently playing here?
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The-Garbage-Man154/22 8:42AM
**** I ran out of Razors last week
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Judgmenl144/22 8:28AM
White Cop who Accidentally Killed a Black Man gets to go to the BAHAMAS!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle94/22 7:58AM
End of the WorldSt_Kevin74/22 7:48AM
What's the biggest external storage do you currently own? (Poll)
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Lobomoon354/22 7:28AM
So Ice Man is gay now
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deadpigs101214/22 7:14AM
After Hours has a new video, on FRIENDS this time. I actually like this oneAIundra14/22 7:01AM
Axiom Verge coming to PC May 14papercup24/22 7:00AM
what cartoon block would you like to see revived? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny354/22 6:41AM
jeez texas can't go more than a day without severe weather attacking latelyNightMareBunny64/22 6:30AM
Do you guys ever talk about the actual Poll of the Day?The-Garbage-Man74/22 6:26AM
itt: boobs
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CarefreeDude764/22 4:46AM
how many people here are interested in the invader zim comic book?NightMareBunny14/22 3:30AM