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In your opinion, is a college physics lab more difficult than a chemistry lab?EclairReturns33/30 7:33PM
Rate the PotDer - Day Fifty-Seven - pollguy54 (Poll)The_Alpha_MaIe43/30 7:32PM
On average how much you spend on gas ?
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who the hell is thishelIy83/30 7:29PM
ATTN: Friends of the Ash AKA the Ashening; the Ash topic ie. I'm gonna post ITT
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You are now soluble in water.GanonsSpirit63/30 7:27PM
Do you ever think someone has hypnoxed while thinking about you?
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PotD Gun Topic Part 3
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An Anthrax 4-pack came out for Rocksmith today! (Poll)
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Lamb born with Human Face is Scaring the World!! Look at how scary it is!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle93/30 7:24PM
Killing Floor in about an hour?AllstarSniper3283/30 7:24PM
Do you play games you don't like? (Poll)wwinterj2563/30 7:24PM
I hope my dog doesn't think we're getting rid of her.Storrac63/30 7:21PM
Battle Geek
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The Wave Master263/30 7:18PM
Post ITT and I'll tell you if I don't think you're a s***poster.
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dog owners: about how much money per month does it cost to care for your dog?
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Mr_Sockyman113/30 7:16PM
Why is life such a mess?RedSox34213/30 7:14PM
I got more books!Storrac33/30 7:12PM
I just bought fallout 3 dlc and nowIreland_FTW43/30 7:07PM
I got a Pes dispenser from the WalmartLokarin33/30 7:07PM