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I don't usually f*** with pop music but Chris Brown's "Loyal" is legendary
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ESMWjot237/22 6:08AM
Markiplier is pretty funnySt_Kevin37/22 6:08AM
Link's final smash should be cucco swarm.
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GanonsSpirit127/22 6:03AM
Did aliens create the internet? (Poll)
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knightoffire55127/22 5:55AM
Good Morning PotD :-)St_Kevin47/22 5:51AM
Do you attack someone's grammar or spelling when you've got nuttin' else?
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Solid Sonic147/22 5:51AM
SDHC cards on amazonObligatoryFate17/22 5:49AM
I can't even sell Dark Void.raymanfan137/22 5:04AM
mmm Chocolate Chip CookiesSt_Kevin17/22 4:35AM
I can't even spell Dairk Voide.kangolcone37/22 3:42AM
If a transgender banker gets in an auto accident...
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shipwreckers377/22 3:20AM
IMO Ariana Grande's new song Break Free is my fave song from herSicasMan37/22 3:17AM
Game Sack(Youtube): Games Never released outside europeNightMareBunny17/22 2:33AM
Anyone want to test xFAQs for me? (Firefox Addon)
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Judgmenl3627/22 2:32AM
Wii U Smash Bros comes out on a friday, rejoiceRetroxgamer087/22 2:17AM
So why do my girlfriend and my friend get so mad at me for falling asleep?
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FatalAccident127/22 2:13AM
im pretty sure people only get mad at others when they cant win an arguement
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Retroxgamer0167/22 2:00AM
i swear brawl AI picks the same character as you on purposeNade Duck17/22 1:54AM
"longest you've gone without using the Internet?"Rasputin7797/22 12:58AM
If you were a Bone Marrow match to save someone's life, Would you do it? (Poll)
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Full Throttle197/22 12:24AM