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woot! Guardians of the Galaxy rox0rz! I just saw it
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Milleyd148/1 8:14AM
Hamas or Humus? (Poll)St_Kevin98/1 8:06AM
who makes the machines that make the machines that make things?helIy68/1 8:01AM
So why doesn't SquarEnix remake FF VII? (Poll)
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yourDaddie268/1 7:58AM
Why is this board more sensitive to critizism of Islam than christianity?
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yourDaddie128/1 7:54AM
Never get in a drinking contest with a mariachi band.Miroku_of_Nite158/1 7:46AM
Touchpad mouse issues. Please help...tissue_paper28/1 7:37AM
This song is stuck in my head now O_OJudgmenl78/1 7:33AM
What game sequels out there were in TOTALLY DIFFERENT GENRES from the originals?
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shipwreckers858/1 7:30AM
Do you find the words Game Over to be offensive? (Poll)Dmess8558/1 7:18AM
So have they annouced when and where the rest of season 3 of Korra will be?GanonsSpirit78/1 7:17AM
OoT vs Majora's Mask vs Wind Waker (Poll)
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Metro2268/1 7:12AM
A customer complained that the music we play in the store is inappropriate.
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Kanakiri418/1 7:02AM
I almost cried when the Marvel Studios logo sequence started during GotG.Storrac18/1 6:50AM
Come play L4D2 with me and Turt on this custom map.Dynalo88/1 6:48AM
The Last of Us at 60 fps freaks me out...
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ZiggiStardust338/1 6:39AM
Am I the only one who doesn't care about Guardians of the Galaxy?
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faramir77128/1 6:23AM
Fox News is the worst
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Jvaas238/1 6:17AM
PSA announcement: This Shovel Knight track is the best NES track ever.
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raymanfan1128/1 6:15AM
It's mine and my gf's two year anniversary today...Squall95468/1 5:57AM