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What's your view on Climate Change/Global Warming?
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If all the Red Rangers got in a fight who would win?
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Look at all of these cowards on GameFaqs!Block_Man_X109/1 8:55AM
Any Hearthstoners wanna help me draft a good Arena deck?metalconkerrr19/1 8:49AM
Songs That Give You Goosebumps?Bossfella29/1 8:41AM
What if the next Nintendo console had a camera like Kinect...papercup59/1 8:33AM
Hey there.Flynt49/1 8:29AM
Offense to games poll: So if offended/disturbed, what was the game?
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5 = 3 > 4 > 2 > 1
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Damnit there's a woman a work here.. I want to get to know more...
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so...I just watched The Departed (and have a doubt)spooky9629/1 8:07AM
Anyone wanna play Halo Reach?
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**** I am almost out of Chapstick PotD.Judgmenl39/1 7:26AM
Most Exciting Chases in Gaming History
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Justice is a flawed concept... Intellectuals get away with crimes all of the tim
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This is officially one of the best cosplay ideas in the world:saspa49/1 6:17AM
Teen Titans Go is officially awesome.... latest episode featured...
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I guess the poll created didn't realize in americabulbinking39/1 5:49AM
Do you ever wish that you had Jessie's girl?ArctheLad1339/1 5:42AM
it is 4:35 AMSIayer-49/1 5:39AM