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So apparently a 90 year old holocaust survivor was arrested during a protest.Death_Of_Effie18/18 3:32PM
I had work today.Judgmenl18/18 3:29PM
Tomorrow will be amazing. Work five hours and then get my GTA Flight School on.WastelandCowboy38/18 3:24PM
The best character in the Final Fantasy series. SPOILERS on who it is. Beware.
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Milleyd318/18 3:15PM
What exactly is the point of a long term CD account? A short term one is betterdavf135108/18 3:12PM
I love SASUKE!!!Yuffie36078/18 3:09PM
Anyone know what game this is?lihlih38/18 3:07PM
ATTN: KimboGraycrow18/18 3:06PM
why is there an L in LGBT?
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Dazed2684168/18 3:03PM
Yearly reminder that Card Sagas Wars isn't released.Dark_samus13148/18 2:52PM
Can I ask my professor if I can use him as a reference?Flutershy98/18 2:51PM
Attn: Milleyrottenmonk48/18 2:47PM
My Thoughts On The Animatronics(Five Nights At Freddys)NightMareBunny58/18 2:44PM
I can't stop watching this Parappa video.Gamechamp3k18/18 2:41PM
The ice bucket water challenge thing is stupid.
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pipebomb__sushi428/18 2:40PM
Haven't seen a picture topic in a while, so pic topic!
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ESMWjot688/18 2:39PM
Hashtag Ferguson hashtag John OliverGanonsSpirit48/18 2:37PM
Lara Croft 2013 is hotYuffie36058/18 2:35PM
I don't understand people that can't be single.
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LemonDestroyer148/18 2:33PM
I'm getting worried PotD, it's almost midnight and no one came back yet
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TheAoRyuu54268/18 2:31PM