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NPD: PS4 Dominates Console Market in March Sony reigns supreme.
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-PS4Life-294/19 8:49AM
My boyfriend and I got stuffed animals at the zoo and he spooned his all night.
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Jen0125194/19 8:41AM
Officer: 'I wanted to be absolutely sure before I used deadly force'Judgmenl84/19 8:28AM
What game do you wish you could play again for the first time?
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Chef_Excellence314/19 8:05AM
Matthew McConaughey reacts to new Star Wars trailerCaptain-Trips54/19 8:04AM
The new Star Wars trailer is out:
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EternalNether674/19 8:03AM
what the hell does any of this have to do with reese's puffs?!NightMareBunny74/19 8:02AM
What type of mattress do ya'll have ?31380014/19 8:02AM
Total eclipse of the fart
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Chef_Excellence264/19 7:59AM
Man DBZ Kai's voice acting is really lacking in partsChef_Excellence34/19 7:54AM
My brother saw a big spider in our garage.Zareth24/19 7:36AM
A Special Needs Girl is asked to Prom by her High School Crush!! Would u do it?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle264/19 7:19AM
Happy Birthday RC
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Judgmenl194/19 6:09AM
How did you know about GameFAQs?
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The_Sexorcist114/19 5:58AM
Dungeons and Dragons QuestionJ_aaron44/19 5:42AM
everywhere i go b****es always knowGreenfox11124/19 5:28AM
Attack on Titans SFXRayKnight44/19 5:24AM
I think im going to start taking cold showersssj4supervegeta34/19 4:36AM
Happy birthday JudgmenlRCtheWSBC34/19 4:17AM
Vote for this Steam Greenlight gameDeltaBladeX44/19 3:49AM