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Gamefaqs Offered me to change my Username for Free!! Should i bring back MDB?.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle153/26 5:40PM
ITT: We say nice things about DukeRaoul
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I am in a food coma from the best meal I have ever had.Gastroid53/26 5:30PM
My wife refuses to accept that I want to raise our future kids as Saiyans!
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RayKnight163/26 5:28PM
How many sexual partners do you think the above poster will have this year?
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FrndNhbrHdCEman683/26 5:23PM
I know I'm not that tall, I know I'm not that smart
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Kanakiri193/26 5:23PM
Moo...TheWorstPoster13/26 5:22PM
Woman with stretch marks posts photo of herself in bikini (Poll)OmegaM73/26 5:19PM
Do you think the "fake MMO" concept is cool in games/shows?Milleyd53/26 5:18PM
Why haven't we gone back t the moon?
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RikkuSwirls413/26 5:16PM
Looking for a good RTS game on steamDmess8563/26 5:06PM
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Wow I Realized how bad JRPGs are with grinding.Judgmenl83/26 5:06PM
Rate that TV Show ~ Day 702 ~ Vikings (Poll)Slayer93/26 4:58PM
Are the Online heists any good in Grand Theft Auto?
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LanHikari10 (M)143/26 4:56PM
What if the fake becomes more real than the original?RikkuSwirls63/26 4:49PM
I guess Jennifer Lawrence is not mutant and proudZikten53/26 4:47PM
What are the worst metroidvanias ever made?
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Lokarin243/26 4:44PM
The stop girlAIundra13/26 4:39PM
When are we getting Paper Luigi?MechaKirby43/26 4:29PM