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Happy Birthday lorekai!
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The Every Simpsons Ever marathon has made me realize one thing...
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Storrac188/24 9:23PM
Hacker group "Lizard Squad" posts fake bomb threat on plane carrying Sony Pres..Full Throttle88/24 9:20PM
The group that DDoS'd PSN issued a bomb threat to the Sony Online pres's flight.
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Far-Queue228/24 9:20PM
Potd: Games you were offended in:Albtraum1338/24 9:07PM
This Black Girl hates Beyonce and calls her a Communist Traitor..So who's Hotter (Poll)Full Throttle108/24 9:01PM
PotD we have to cookSt_Kevin88/24 8:54PM
In an earthquake prone area why aren't there safeguards for people's wine?r7gerrabbit38/24 8:44PM
I'm in dire need of a new hobby.
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Judgmenl158/24 8:44PM
You find The monkey Paw and is granted 3 wishes
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BlazeAndBlade188/24 8:44PM
*sigh* 100 word essay due Monday...
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Sylvia_Dia218/24 8:39PM
So something weird happened with my registration for college.Kanakiri48/24 8:37PM
Does anyone else remember ProTect?
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JaH Reborn198/24 8:20PM
C/D Police weapons (Poll)
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What is the most expensive purchase you have ever made?
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Warner Brothers slammed for Fat-Shaming character in popular cartoon show!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle148/24 7:44PM
Rate this cartoon /10 [ Day 520 ] The Boondocks (Poll)Slayer786168/24 7:42PM
Look at what an older boy did to this 2 y/o Girl at Childcare!! (Poll)Full Throttle68/24 7:37PM
Stairway to Heaven is not a songYuffie36098/24 7:26PM
Friendly reminder of what happened 200 years ago todayGradieus38/24 7:22PM