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As you're reaching for it, you yell out loud "TRENCHING TOOL, I CHOOSE YOU!"

and after spending 5 minutes, you stop, sigh and think to yourself

"I wish this was like Minecraft..."
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wonder where wave is
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Korruptor posted...
and after spending 5 minutes, you stop, sigh and think to yourself

"I wish this was like Minecraft..."

A friend of mine asked for my help to put up a shed he was building in his yard, and he was like, "You can pretend it's like Minecraft!"

And I was like, "If I did that, I wouldn't be much help to you, because after about 5 minutes straight of punching trees, my hands would be all bloody and broken."

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I'd probably be like, "Sure. Let me go get my creeper mask and several pounds of Pete plants."
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So yeah, on the subject of Lady Stoneheart...

(Warning: Link has GoT spoilers...kinda)

It's confirmed that she is not going to be in the show. So that answers that.
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They can't stick to the books 100 percent. It's impossible

This is of course true.

they only have 10 hours per season.

This is of course not the reason.

If we have time for Pod the sex God, we have time for you know who.

But whatever. I think it sucks, but I think we'll see them deviating pretty much entirely from the books soon.
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Blighboy posted...
This is of course not the reason.

It's because bringing her in for something so minor is fiscally dumb.
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They're going to be making s*** up at this point anyway, as they have been for a while, I'd rather see them make up stuff about her than more crap about ****ing Dorne or the ****ing Iron Islands.

Or god forbid, more Dany.
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So the last day of my ascension happened on the day of the twitch event, and I couldn't get anything done because of all the mysql errors. That was almost a week ago and I forgot about finishing the run. Oops.