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Super Smash Bros. 4 Final Roster!!! (Major Spoilers)
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MechaKirby518/26 12:22AM
Best song on Weezer's Pinkerton? (Poll)Kanakiri48/26 12:22AM
I thought the Rock music is of the Devil people died off in the 70s
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__Muscles__198/26 12:19AM
I had an....interesting....weekend.kratosdakota318/25 11:52PM
Jimmy Fallon just said the S*** word on Live TV at the Emmys!!Full Throttle98/25 11:41PM
Easy guide on how to park your carDeltaBladeX78/25 11:28PM
Z is kind of a useless letter, but we like it anyway.
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Milleyd198/25 11:20PM
i looked a buffalo in the eyes from ~25 feet away today
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Nade Duck128/25 11:10PM
This Kid dumped a Dog into water for the Ice Bucket Challenge!! Is this cruelty? (Poll)Full Throttle98/25 10:51PM
This 18 y/o Kid died after he jumped off a Crane at Penn State before classes..
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Full Throttle128/25 10:31PM
Why does everyone hate Duckbear?
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trodi_911268/25 10:23PM
Would you enjoy watching a "Ice Bucket Challenge" if... (Poll)Flutershy108/25 10:08PM
would you care if a friend was dating a fat girl? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny308/25 10:04PM
Can you get a PVR without signing up for one from the cable company?faramir7728/25 9:54PM
And the screen turns blueOgurisama28/25 9:52PM
Google not buying Twitch, AMAZON is.Storrac68/25 9:51PM
Is it uncommon for people to choose the option in the PotD that would likely win (Poll)T-dus48/25 9:50PM
Major Nelson, Kevin Butler, or Reggie (Poll)knightoffire5578/25 9:34PM
slenderman vs the thing (Poll)Nade Duck88/25 9:24PM
Get items in CoD Advanced Warfare for buying Doritos and Mountain Dew
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raymanfan1198/25 9:20PM