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I took an IQ test and got 116! What's your IQ?
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This 33 y/o Black Mom called to Kill All White Cops on FB!! Look at the Post!!.. (Poll)
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knock him out the box, luke.
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POLL: If you were eaten by animal, which would you prefer it be?
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Where would you go if you had a week off from work?
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So Age of Ultron was pretty great....
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This White Grocery Worker is in trouble after he used a TASER to kill a Mouse!!. (Poll)
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At this point I can literally beat Mario 64 in about 3+ hours.Captain-Trips65/2 5:48PM
Do you think they will have Spider-Man in the next avengers?Dmess8585/2 5:25PM
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God damn, Age of Empires II HD is taking forever to install.Jen012585/2 5:17PM
Hey turt I don't have good enough Internet to stream.Judgmenl15/2 5:04PM