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I can't take Dark Souls anymore
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AwesomeTurtwig9912/28 7:21AM
Sports Discussion Topic #107: Hooray for Sports... They Rule!!!
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STLCards19912312/28 7:20AM
Just took a cat out driving for fun.
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Doctor Foxx1812/28 7:18AM
what are the worst websites on the internet?
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humptyrump1512/28 7:17AM
What physically happens when I move money from one bank to another?FatalAccident812/28 7:12AM
Looks like I'm an uncle now. Terrific. More reasons to feel like a failure.TesstheGoblin312/28 7:11AM
Underappreciated PotDer Appreciation topic (Day 1) Lootman (Poll)DumbGimmickName312/28 7:09AM
AirAsia flight from Indonesia to Singapore goes missing
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Metro21512/28 7:07AM
I just got the Rocky Badge, and the Punchy Badge!papercup112/28 7:06AM
FTL is Invigorating.Judgmenl412/28 6:58AM
Why exactly is 2D animation dying in theaters?
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Metro21212/28 6:48AM
Dragon Age Origins: 360 or PS3
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justaseabass1412/28 6:33AM
beyonce doing the illuminati sign with snoop doggmiczz712/28 6:28AM
Why do some bands not put their stuff on Spotify?acesxhigh1012/28 6:23AM
Why aren't there any space vampires?Lokarin812/28 6:17AM
I slept from like 7pm to 2am and now I can't sleepKanakiri1012/28 6:16AM
Paranormal Activity is the most profitable movie of all time...Metro2812/28 6:06AM
iPhone 6 explodes in man's pants, causes 2nd degree burnsMetro2612/28 6:05AM
Come on, let me click my username for my AMP on my cellDeltaBladeX112/28 6:03AM
Do you update your opinion of old games as time passes?
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teh Fro Man2112/28 6:02AM