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Day 14 - Semi-finals round 2: Best of PotD tourny - AwesomeTurtwig vs Duckbear (Poll)Ogurisama87/26 10:34AM
Excessive Ponies Topic ???+1 - omg waifu~ edition (Poll)
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Nade Duck1587/26 10:33AM
Destiny being three players pisses me offBoogieonover107/26 10:30AM
There was a bag of decomposing potatoes in my pantry... *vomits*Dark_samus13157/26 10:28AM
Anyone here listen to "We're Alive"? Possibly the greatest radio drama/podcastdaveyman23107/26 10:28AM
Adventure Time was renewed for another season!Mr_melodramatic67/26 10:28AM
Why is my LTE faster than every WiFi spot I connect to?ZiggiStardust47/26 10:27AM
"Please don't swear around me. It makes me uncomfortable."
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kratosdakota3267/26 10:24AM
My cat is 1/8 my size. He's a monsterDoctor Foxx67/26 10:10AM
I just started watching Breaking Bad for the first time
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sin1ster157/26 10:05AM
I'm getting 20 oz Crystal Steins for being 5 years with the companySt_Kevin37/26 9:58AM
Are you an anarchist or been an anarchist? (Poll)noble banana97/26 9:49AM
Some kids is printing out 100 blank pages in the school libraryDmess8587/26 9:44AM
AMA: Installing Destiny Beta on my PS3.SunWuKung42037/26 9:42AM
REAL Poll of the Day - Name That Publisher
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KOReldor187/26 9:40AM
foods that don't go togetherHenryKissiger87/26 9:38AM
Chipotle is now selling Patron margaritasErik_P87/26 9:36AM
Are there to many useless polls here? (Poll)Nikra97/26 9:32AM
I have now donated one whole person's worth of blood.adjl47/26 9:32AM
Whites no longer majority voters in Ohio
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Erik_P237/26 9:24AM