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Which is worse? Fire Emblem: Awakening haters or CoD: Advanced Warfare haters? (Poll)
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DarkKirby2500222/28 4:02PM
I went for a ride on a unicorn today.WastelandCowboy72/28 3:57PM
Finally got a platinum in Final Fantasy X.
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Dynalo112/28 3:57PM
PotD's national anthemDa-PollGuy5432/28 3:53PM
Do you play LoL? Post your worst chat moments.Xade76102/28 3:43PM
Would you like to see The Great GameFAQS Character Battle X this Summer? (Poll)
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kos12162/28 3:41PM
Greatest Movie Series Ever: Top 16: Match 3: Indiana Jones vs. Aliens (Poll)
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quigonzel292/28 3:10PM
Sometimes I wonder why white guys even think about dating outside their race
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KainReaver109512/28 2:22PM
Favorite iOS 8.3 emoji (Poll)yourDaddie42/28 2:14PM
"Short People" is so hilariously offensive.keyblader198542/28 2:11PM
2560x1080 monitors are pretty cool.r7gerrabbit52/28 1:55PM
Why are tobacco companies not allowed to advertise?
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Muscles_420442/28 1:45PM
Part of a 200 car pile up!Dmess8512/28 1:42PM
Comparison of the biggest objects in the universeyourDaddie22/28 1:38PM
So we all agree Vishnu is more powerful than Jehova right?yourDaddie22/28 1:37PM
Anything is possible with God. (Closed)RebeccDOS32/28 1:31PM
How many original Star Trek cast members are still alive?Zikten62/28 1:31PM
Gonna make Nutella French Toast casserole tomorrow morningBlumpykin12/28 1:27PM
Could you tell me who this is?itakwilsimanalo12/28 1:26PM
hmm? -_-edededdy62/28 1:23PM