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Just got my first android phone. Recommend me apps and such
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ReggieTheReckless229/13 8:40PM
God, I sure would love some hot pockets right now.Metro229/13 8:38PM
What shows alternate between stand alone and story arc episodes?
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knightoffire55139/13 8:37PM
My professor embarrsed me about something I was right about. Should I prove him
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Sarouss25289/13 8:34PM
It costs 50 cents to print a black-and-white page out at my college's library.Kanakiri19/13 8:30PM
My 21st birthdayLaffy44439/13 8:19PM
Would you work in a world of total affluence?Lokarin69/13 8:19PM
you may loose brain cells from this videoSanta_Gavin49/13 8:18PM
Why do people say TVTropes is the devil?FinalXemnas79/13 8:11PM
oscar pistorius verdict topic
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magemaximus259/13 8:04PM
*facepalm*walmart didn't have the monster cereals....NightMareBunny49/13 8:03PM
Secret photos of Entity and Lan!
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edededdy229/13 8:01PM
who has the best user name on gamefaqs?BlazeAndBlade99/13 8:01PM
Last night was awful; had to deal with a fight that had the cops being called
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Erik_P189/13 8:00PM
Believe in yourself.Kanakiri89/13 7:59PM
Payday yesterday. Paid off the rest of my credit card.WastelandCowboy19/13 7:57PM
ITT Muscles sings us a tunesomasomafofoma69/13 7:54PM
what will be the best game of the next few months? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny209/13 7:47PM
It's kinda weird how I dislike the original Super Mario Bros. (Poll)
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CornishGhost139/13 7:47PM
Bought a new guitar today boysacesxhigh59/13 7:36PM