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Back when I was 5 or 6, during summer, at night, when the AC was on...BNVshark12327/21 8:50PM
I'm in some "swap pages" on face book and this womanBoogieonover27/21 8:48PM
We should play Cards Against Humanity.
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newsuperdude727/21 8:40PM
I had a strange experience at a restaurant recently.anon_977/21 8:30PM
Ask me anything about Fall Out Boy (again)
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Kanakiri327/21 8:29PM
is it just me or do the gamegrumps seem like fake gamers?
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NightMareBunny207/21 8:26PM
PotD, Rate the video game song: Day 24 - Stage 1 (Journey to Silius) (Poll)
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quigonzel127/21 8:25PM
I'm so charming when I'm buzzedViking_Mudcrap47/21 8:24PM
Asian girls with blonde hair (Poll)mayu78067/21 8:23PM
Since Professor-Monkey-For-A-Head shares eyes between the professor and monkeyWhatPoll47/21 8:21PM
We need an MUA3 already *long post*
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Kr0w1Nc4rNa73137/21 8:18PM
What's the deal with that S symbol everyone drew in school?
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Metro2497/21 8:17PM
Streaming Hearthstone if anyone wants to watch.metalconkerrr37/21 8:13PM
Just signed up to get my diver's license!bluPython107/21 8:12PM
I am streaming!Gamechamp3k87/21 8:02PM
I can't believe Naked and Afraid is a show.bluPython57/21 7:59PM
Soccer is totally the only sport where they fake injuries.
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ZiggiStardust117/21 7:58PM
Why do women demand positivity and confidence out of you at all times?MrArmageddon837/21 7:50PM
How many girlfriends are you dating right now? (Poll)
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Dmess85147/21 7:38PM
just ate some candy. things should get fun in about 30 mins. (tinychat bbys)DaltonM17/21 7:28PM