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Rate this Villain day 389 Deidara (Naruto Shippuden) (Poll)scubasteve4283/29 9:18AM
Should girls be allowed to wrestle boys? (Poll)
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OmegaM533/29 9:04AM
I got kicked out of school
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AwesomeTurtwig203/29 8:19AM
I have $20 to spend on PSP or Vita stuff.Ferarri61913/29 8:02AM
He-Man and She-Ra were actually brother and sister, so it would be super gross.
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AIundra203/29 7:34AM
I'm horrified that Ted Cruz is running for President.
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MrArmageddon8623/29 7:13AM
fox23 flash poll kokiBirdsOfPray53/29 6:12AM
Had some weird ps2 jrpgs come into the shopJoanOfArcade93/29 5:54AM
The hospital bill for my diverticulitis came in today
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argonautweekynd173/29 5:38AM
Do you think social media is causing mental illness?
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VagrantAI243/29 5:21AM
A girl I have a crush on might be moving away... need help... (TL;DR prone)
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C/D You are weird (Poll)aznStaRBoY83/29 5:02AM
Peace Walker is so good.
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Storrac163/29 5:00AM
What is the best way to get money? (Poll)
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KroganCharr213/29 4:25AM
Do you think the "fake MMO" concept is cool in games/shows?Milleyd63/29 2:44AM
I was never a fan of Digimon, but damn this is a cool conceptChef_Excellence23/29 2:43AM
whats worse peanut butter in jam or jam in peanut butterThe_Waldorf73/29 1:38AM
Noob Saibot is so cheapSt_Kevin63/29 1:03AM
Gamefaqs Late Nite Crewblackhrt33/29 12:04AM
What if someday we havetime travel, lightspeed traveling, teleportation, etc.
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JokePoster143/28 11:59PM