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I just started really using the ignore feature last week.
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Milleyd2610/17 6:45PM
Anyone here use Linux for desktops?
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Metro21110/17 6:40PM
ATTN: Gastroid (Rotating Signatures)Judgmenl310/17 6:27PM
How's Japanesepod101?Ao_Ryuu54110/17 6:27PM
I think I would love a Star Trek Roleplay.Judgmenl210/17 6:26PM
It looks like GameStop is doing a Shiny Gengar event if you head in.
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Melon_Master4410/17 6:20PM
ay or ah (Poll)pedro45710/17 6:04PM
Rank the classic Starburst flavours.Diablo Spartan210/17 6:02PM
What should I play this weekend? (Poll)yourDaddie610/17 5:59PM
Who should be in charge of my home? (Poll)yourDaddie710/17 5:58PM
They have Pizza TacosBNVshark123210/17 5:56PM
So, your feelings on the current major publishers?WhatPoll610/17 5:55PM
Anyone else get their LootCrate already?
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KogaSteelfang1810/17 5:53PM
does the evil within have the same godawful control scheme as resident evil?
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Troll_Police_1310/17 5:43PM
I was just given a bunch of vegan chocolates shaped like pot leaves.VioletZer0710/17 5:42PM
Your thoughts on civil forfeiture?
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KainReaver1091110/17 5:24PM
Suppose I open up a museum solely dedicated to gaming history
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WhatPoll1210/17 5:23PM
what game do you want to get remade more than any other game?
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humptyrump4710/17 5:23PM
I'm a results driven person.Judgmenl210/17 5:21PM
So, Halo: Master Chief Collection has a 20GB Day 1 update?
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WhatPoll1710/17 5:12PM