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I haven't really been paying much attention to Michael Brown and Ferguson...
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JigsawThought218/18 5:01PM
What do you think of the new Taylor Swift song?JigsawThought68/18 5:00PM
Favorite Walking Dead character (Poll)
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yourDaddie168/18 4:59PM
If the technology in Deus Ex HR was real, would you augment yourselfMetro268/18 4:52PM
I'm thinking of buying these shot glasses
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Erik_P128/18 4:52PM
Funny eBay FeedBacks.Lobomoon48/18 4:51PM
Ryu Hayabusa VS. Kratos (Poll)MallyPureSmooth98/18 4:50PM
Is it because I'm black?Lobomoon58/18 4:44PM
So it turns out the cops lied about Michael Brown getting in fight with cops
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Erik_P518/18 4:14PM
You know God made black beautiful. God made Boobie beautiful - Black and strong!FatalAccident28/18 4:03PM
If God came down and told you to your face to stop looking at porn... (Poll)
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Q_Sensei388/18 4:03PM
I'm just finding out about this Ice Bucket Challenge thing... what the fLink_AJ58/18 4:00PM
I've had that awful Staind song stuck in my head all day.Milleyd18/18 3:58PM
I dont know why Phil Fish is still saying "Fez 2 is cancelled" a year laterRaganork1078/18 3:57PM
Do you have a five-year life plan?
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RCtheWSBC888/18 3:55PM
What should I eat for lunch today? (Poll)
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Milleyd128/18 3:50PM
i really like this song but the lyrics are so stupidmayu78018/18 3:42PM
If a Buddha came to your house and told you to stop eating meat to your face... (Poll)Q_Sensei88/18 3:39PM
So apparently a 90 year old holocaust survivor was arrested during a protest.Death_Of_Effie18/18 3:32PM
I had work today.Judgmenl18/18 3:29PM