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I'm just about to start reading Game of Thrones
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BNVshark123143/25 11:35AM
Are you ashamed of some of the weird s*** your siblings are into?
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Solid Sonic243/25 11:30AM
A school handed out hygiene bags to 2nd graders that contained condoms and lube.SunWuKung42093/25 11:29AM
What is the target demographic for Late Night TV Shows?Judgmenl23/25 11:29AM
I'm against abortion (Closed)The_Sexorcist83/25 11:27AM
What fps is real lifeJoanOfArcade53/25 11:25AM
My dog ran away.
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Storrac123/25 11:16AM
Hey, I just got my first comment for a review on this site!Raganork1023/25 11:06AM
def or hp? (Poll)
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mayu780303/25 11:04AM
Should I upgrade my CPU and motherboard, graphics card or my HDD to an SSD?trodi_91113/25 10:46AM
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Been a month since my brother ran off, but we're reasonably certain he's okay.Dynalo93/25 10:14AM
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New Bling-edition Apple Watch costs $115,000Metro213/25 10:05AM
Real science s fakeTheWorstPoster23/25 9:56AM
I've got something in my front pocket for you...keyblader198563/25 9:50AM
after like four days of using OSX full time i can't use windows anymore
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Kanakiri353/25 9:40AM
I'm horrified that Ted Cruz is running for President.
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MrArmageddon8593/25 9:34AM
Rate this Villain Day 385 Sosuke Aizen (Poll)scubasteve4283/25 9:07AM