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The Lapis Lazuli episode of Steven Universe was just amazing....
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quigonzel111/26 8:58PM
I just beat Final Fantasy II. Ask me anything.
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EclairReturns151/26 8:56PM
As of today, it has been two months since I've consumed a burger.WastelandCowboy71/26 8:37PM
omg 4900
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Majin Legacy281/26 8:26PM
This might be the best Game Grumps series in a good year or so.raymanfan181/26 8:23PM
I'm a terrible self-motivator/need jogging advice...Solid Sonic71/26 8:21PM
Can we hope Roman Reigns doesn't win the Royal Rumble tonight?
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Virtual_Console201/26 8:15PM
360 Destiny players!CSRouge9641/26 8:06PM
I'm reading Watchmen. AMABNVshark12341/26 7:59PM
When the weathers bad out...Trevor_Belmont51/26 7:54PM
What IF dreaming occurred both ways?
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WhatPoll261/26 7:27PM
They make a 9/11 joke in Lego Marvel.
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Storrac141/26 7:20PM
AMA 60 Winter Edition.Silvenar11/26 7:07PM
Greatest Movie Series Ever: Round 1: Match 26 - X-Men vs. Mission: Impossible (Poll)quigonzel61/26 7:01PM
Good things would have to happen for me to be..
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Aaron20b201/26 6:59PM
help me decide what to do tonight (Poll)NessInEagleland31/26 6:56PM
Is it safe to assume that at some point, the electricity is definitely going outRJP_X71/26 6:53PM
Did you know they hide listening devices in our cheese??Erik_P21/26 6:41PM
Dental Health Poll (Poll)kangolcone101/26 6:08PM
I just applied to be a nuclear engineer
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AwesomeTurtwig121/26 6:07PM