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I got a new ID card in the mail today, and the photo on it looks gross.
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Kanakiri134/20 2:47PM
Do you like Rap Music? (Poll)
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mastermix3000434/20 2:46PM
ATTN: Delta Currently there's a game for $0.19 on Steam you don't ownJudgmenl104/20 2:41PM
There are way too many new people here
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Erik_P214/20 2:41PM
Why are they people who don't put spaces after commas?
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EreshkigaI254/20 2:26PM
What type of mattress do ya'll have ?31380074/20 2:24PM
A Thin Lizzy 3-pack came out for Rocksmith today! (Poll)AllstarSniper3264/20 2:13PM
Rate my Calgary Comic Expo purchasesOgurisama54/20 2:06PM
Hot or not? Special 002 (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32314/20 1:56PM
Greatest Game Ever - Round 1: Match 20: Monster Hunter Freedom U vs Awesomenauts (Poll)
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quigonzel174/20 1:33PM
make a movie pitch for the picture ittSHADOW010634/20 1:32PM
Episode VII vs Batman v Superman: Which one will make more money? (Poll)
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Dante_Defiance304/20 1:31PM
Which mod would make the best president? Who'd make the worst?McSame_as_Bush74/20 1:27PM
So, how did everyone feel about Gears of War: Judgement?Arctic_Sunrise104/20 1:11PM
Ten years later i watch Equilibriumernieforss34/20 12:51PM
Remember Arthur Gear Solid? How about Twilight for Men?Zareth34/20 12:46PM
*Sigh* Guess THat Means I Didn't Get the Job...JediMutant74/20 12:22PM
Should non-Canadians check their weather privilege?GrimCyclone94/20 12:22PM
Happy Day of Intoxicant Partaking!Arctic_Sunrise74/20 12:14PM
so I'm playing halo 2a, and one of the skullshelIy34/20 12:11PM