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So where is the rioting and craziness for this unarmed white male???Buddha1187311/25 10:06AM
I just aced my history test.
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EclairReturns1411/25 10:06AM
What are you people's albums of the year?kratosdakota3811/25 9:57AM
A Foo Fighters 5-Pack came out for Rocksmith today! (Poll)
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AllstarSniper322211/25 9:57AM
i think comedy central is monitoring me.Nade Duck111/25 9:44AM
Rate this Villain Day 281 Maxie (pokemon) (Poll)scubasteve42811/25 9:36AM
my boss confided in me today that
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Zikten2711/25 9:35AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 283 Ash Ketchum (Poll)
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scubasteve421211/25 9:34AM
XBOX Fanboys are Furious with Gamespot for Bias video against XBOX One!!! (Poll)Full Throttle511/25 9:33AM
This guy I know keeps sending me raunchy textsBNVshark123111/25 9:26AM
Dark Souls II for ps4?JoanOfArcade811/25 9:25AM
BLOQFAQs: Sunday night in Chicago.
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SunWuKung4201411/25 9:21AM
What do you guys think about the new Lupe Fiasco?WaterImp311/25 9:09AM
So I might be roommates with two females
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Kazuma_Yagami1911/25 9:05AM
In South Korea, all males are forced to do 2 years minimum in the military.ESMWjot911/25 9:01AM
Do you celebrate Christmas? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei1511/25 8:59AM
Anyone else believe the officer should receive the distinguished Medal of Honor? (Closed)TinyTankX311/25 8:59AM
Pedegree dogs are a scamMetal_Gear_Link111/25 8:46AM
Cornish Acid's CAME of Evil: Cornish Acid's Masters of Evil of Evil Edition
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Nade Duck36511/25 8:39AM
The man bun fad is getting out of hand.WaterImp411/25 8:33AM