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I promise total submission, in exchange for my protection...
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Oh Reginald...grumble_roar310/20 12:49PM
Borderlands: The Pre Sequel - players topic
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This 20 y/o Lanky Cancer Survivor is now a Body Building "God"... (Poll)
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So that topic got modded. (Closed)
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YR: Tetsuya Nomura and Hideo Kojima are co-writing a project.VioletZer0810/20 12:16PM
Has anybody seen this?keyblader1985710/20 12:06PM
Pokemon Trading Card Game is coming to the 3DS VC next monthpapercup210/20 12:05PM
Got a sorority girl to send me thong pics via snapchat
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I just saw a story on the news about Anita Sarkeesian
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Final Fantasy IV was the best of the seriesSMRPGFAN101310/20 11:55AM
A The White Stripes 5-pack came out today (Poll)
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Anyone else find it sad just how far ahead Chrome is from Firefox?VioletZer0910/20 11:34AM
Fantasy Life and Bayo 2 this Friday.Zareth410/20 11:30AM
Choose (Poll)WastelandCowboy310/20 11:25AM
Final Fantasy X was the decline of the series
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Have you seen the animated film, "Millennium Actress" (Poll)FellWolf410/20 11:20AM
I think I'm addicted to drinking brake cleanerFar-Queue310/20 11:19AM
Rate this cartoon /10 | Day 569 | Sheep in the Big City (Poll)Slayer7861610/20 11:17AM
Woah Woah Woah. Whoever put this poll up should lose 3 karma!
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