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Battle Geek
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The Wave Master1765/5 11:05PM
Overheard an anti-police rant today (Poll)Zeus55/5 11:00PM
Think we will ever get another character battle? (Poll)
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TooTooP2245/5 10:59PM
This 11 y/o Black Girl was left in TEARS when she was wrongfully named Winner!! (Poll)Full Throttle65/5 10:59PM
Why does ICOYAR behave the way he is?RayKnight55/5 10:53PM
Power Level = AMP x Karma
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EclairReturns615/5 10:51PM
How old is this person supposed to be?r7gerrabbit65/5 10:48PM
i feel like Mortal Kombat(2011)was just testing the waters for Mortal Kombat XNightMareBunny25/5 10:31PM
While I'm unsure how I like Matt Smith, Karen Gillan is my favorite companion
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ArtistScientist115/5 10:22PM
This Florida Couple (20/40 y/o) face 15 YEARS for having Sex on the Beach!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle135/5 10:16PM
I hope he didn't give up after thisDeltaBladeX25/5 10:12PM
You ever known anyone who's name was spelled like a bad word?Dan042965/5 10:11PM
Heh. I was vote number 69.MasterSword54645/5 10:02PM
Most people don't want to be helped
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Chef_Excellence125/5 10:00PM
The whole selfie stick thing is really out of hand at national landmarks.brisashi25/5 9:58PM
How much would you pay for a Ctrl + F function installed onto your brain? (Closed)EclairReturns95/5 9:55PM
Walmart REFUSES to write Gay on Cake for Teen asked by Straight Friend to Prom (Poll)
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Full Throttle125/5 9:45PM
This watch costs 46,650 dollars
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rgonautweekend185/5 9:38PM
When the hell does Halo ODST release in Halo: Master Chief Collection?TheWorstPoster65/5 9:38PM
Has anybody ever lived in a studio apartment?
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JokePoster695/5 9:12PM