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Sports Discussion Topic #116: Brackets Busted
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Three cheers for LGBPTTQQIIAA+ peopleWastelandCowboy83/26 7:39PM
1 ply toiler paper is literally the worst
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I have a lump on my testicle.Yopster103/26 7:37PM
Anyone really good at Magic/Hearthstone?
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that's weird. the show I was watching on Hulu became. a different show.helIy23/26 7:34PM
Pro-Gay Dad who yelled at Chick-Fil-A Worker for being Anti-Gay is FIRED!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle93/26 7:32PM
How to protect your waifu/girlfriend from persistent/annoying guyBushidoEffect313/26 7:31PM
Life is so monotonous lol.IAmNowGone93/26 7:31PM
guys help me choose my fire emblem awakening waifu! (potential spoilers)
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Komaiko54123/26 7:31PM
This 23 y/o Grad Shot himself in the Head after eating Marijuana Candy!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle63/26 7:26PM
Do you have pictures of me?
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Anime, Manga, VN, JRPG and Related nonsense Discussion Topic XLV
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Should showering be illegal if it means it'll fix the drought in California? (Poll)thedeerzord93/26 7:19PM
My fiance refuses to accept that I want to raise our future kids as vegans!
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I wonder what background characters talk aboutOgurisama23/26 7:17PM
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Smash Wii U is so bittersweetMechaKirby53/26 7:14PM
Could someone make me a banner for my twitch account?BBalla1013/26 7:11PM
Are there any phone junkies on here?lihlih13/26 7:10PM