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so there's this girl I know.
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ThePollGuy542312/22 1:05PM
saw an excited kid that was threatened with the loss of presents last nightNightMareBunny712/22 1:02PM
This virus just told me he will strike me down with great vengeance and furiouspapercup112/22 1:02PM
resident evil 4mayu780312/22 1:01PM
can zombies infect vampires?yourDaddie312/22 12:59PM
I think Vaati is a lot more interesting than Ganon/dorf.
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Milleyd1612/22 12:49PM
thinking of buying skyrim. not sure if my PC can run it. but for fine bucks.....
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green dragon1412/22 12:47PM
Rate this Villain Day 306 Ebenezer Scrooge (Poll)
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scubasteve421112/22 12:27PM
my coworker said a few days ago "its so cute you wear two watches"
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argonautweekynd1812/22 12:15PM
Rate that Tv Show | Day 626 | Game of Thrones (Poll)Slayer7861812/22 12:04PM
Return of the Geek
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The Wave Master19012/22 12:01PM
Any opinions on today's poll?Oil_Rope_Bombs212/22 12:01PM
Joe Cocker died today.SunWuKung420612/22 12:00PM
My son was just born!
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Sage_assassin204312/22 11:55AM
I wish we had the capability to voluntary sleep instantaneously
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bachewychomp2212/22 11:55AM
I feel kind of silly/lame for asking this, but what was your first time like?
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WastelandCowboy3112/22 11:46AM
Is it too hot to dance?-Kitt-512/22 11:44AM
According to Back to the Future Part 2 next year we'll have flying carsErik_P412/22 11:43AM
What was the game or games that made you fall asleep?CNN912/22 11:40AM
Do Republicans hate Atheists capitalists or Christian Socialists more? (Poll)yourDaddie812/22 11:32AM