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Has anyone ever had a Waffle Taco from Taco Bell?Trevor_Belmont73/25 6:08PM
Today I am a SageOmegaM13/25 6:02PM
I was watching Americas Funniest Home Videos last night...argonautweekynd93/25 5:53PM
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25 shift keys available in Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequelpapercup53/25 5:47PM
Is Ringworld worth reading?papercup73/25 5:15PM
J Law will not return after third X-Men movie.
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kangolcone413/25 5:10PM
Multiple tornadoes in Oklahoma City right nowfaramir7723/25 5:02PM
We perceive the universe because we evolved with these five senses, but...
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Metro2353/25 5:00PM
One of my hobbies is taking self portraits with animals
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Doctor Foxx193/25 4:59PM
Big time tornado/rain/hail storm in my neighborhood. Power's out.keyblader198513/25 4:54PM
I wanna buy Ufouria but I'm 20 cents short...Lokarin23/25 4:47PM
POTD: 3-25-2015 How many hours a day do you watch some kind of screen?TwilightErik43/25 4:18PM
I almost lost my breast cancer awareness the other day.Chef_Excellence93/25 4:18PM
The next GameFAQs contest is going to be "Worst Character Ever".
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Psychic-Dude413/25 3:51PM
Zayn Malik leaves British boy band One Direction.Storrac83/25 3:50PM
What's up with Amazon using some crappy short form in order emails??Melon_Master53/25 3:50PM
We...are the Crystal GemsMetro223/25 3:49PM
White Frat Boy who lead Racist Chant Meets with Black Americans for Forgiveness (Poll)Full Throttle43/25 3:45PM
Watching Death Note for the first time. I just got to *that* scene.Captain_Drek83/25 3:42PM