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People who bought a PS3 for Last Guardian make me furious. (Poll)knightoffire5514/16 12:22AM
Hunger Strikes are dumb.
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GanonsSpirit124/15 11:59PM
what do i watch? (Poll)wackyteen74/15 11:47PM
Yes, I have a full console or computer set up in my bathroom.NeoGeoXSega24/15 11:29PM
I feel better than I have in a long timeMuscles34/15 11:04PM
It's sad that I can never change my sig again.Judgmenl44/15 10:59PM
Did you know that today is my Birthday?.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle254/15 10:51PM
This 17 y/o Utah Girl will BURN if she touches Water!! (Poll)
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How come GameFAQs isn't the biggest?
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Lokarin164/15 10:40PM
This is a rather... impressive string of poor decisions.BTB104/15 10:26PM
making online dating?
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Ireland_FTW294/15 10:20PM
Its kinda hard to be excited for Star Ocean 5...
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MechaKirby204/15 10:12PM
American Idol Contestant uses GAMEFAQS!! (Poll)Full Throttle84/15 10:08PM
why #are people on @gamefaqsrealpotd so hostile
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JohnnyCurtis04134/15 10:00PM
You go back to the Middle Ages, and replace all caltrops with LEGOsTheWorstPoster94/15 9:56PM
This is currently the best Kpop music video right now.miczz74/15 9:55PM
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