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There is a 98.2% chance that this was your computer wallpaper in 2002
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Wyand_Voidbring185/26 9:47PM
These 2 Geeks had a Wedding at GAMESTOP sponsored by Nintendo in Pennsylvania!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle325/26 9:47PM
Ten pounds of sex or ten pounds of cardboard? (Poll)MrMelodramatic25/26 9:46PM
Always use fresh macaroni.zpoopinthe3rd25/26 9:45PM
Should I spend $2500 to have owl city write a jingle for meKanakiri15/26 9:45PM
This online browser game is addicting.Kimbos_Egg55/26 9:45PM
incapacitated ramblings of a beachhead neckbeard 2%erMrMelodramatic25/26 9:43PM
I don't think I'm cut out for normal 2D fighting gamesBNVshark12355/26 9:42PM
Disdain for both turn-base and multiplayer (Poll)SKARDAVNELNATE15/26 9:41PM
I finally got meat to taste exactly like the meat at Taco Bell.
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ArtistScientist125/26 9:39PM
I never thought I'd say this, but... I'm kind of over trolling.
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VagrantAI215/26 9:37PM
I hate macrobrew commercials that try to make the beer something more than it is
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chews325/26 9:36PM
Are there any PotDers who you would hang out with in real life?
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chews845/26 9:36PM
Do you consider yourself a PC gamer? (Poll)
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Judgmenl185/26 9:35PM
Just watched the newest Orphan Black episode.Wyand_Voidbring15/26 9:31PM
Online dating is like getting a liberal arts degree.
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MrArmageddon8415/26 9:31PM
Does fatpeoplehate realize they're now worse than the HAES people?EggsBenedikt85/26 9:27PM
Who would win in a fight: 1 Katniss or 5 Paul Blarts? (Poll)
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AwesomeTurtwig135/26 9:26PM
f*** I gained weightErik_P105/26 9:26PM
You require... (Poll)MrArmageddon865/26 9:25PM