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I can't get the nub on the New 3DS to go "down" properlyTheWorstPoster25/22 11:57PM
I moved into a new studio and one of the rules is no Alcohol
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StripedTiger295/22 11:56PM
Don't forget the nice wrist movement we've been practicing, hmm?WastelandCowboy65/22 11:55PM
Why is it generally not acceptable to say that white women are beautiful?KainReaver10985/22 11:55PM
GBA > SNES (tbqh)
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Judgmenl225/22 11:54PM
Where my marathon runners at?
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grumble_roar165/22 11:52PM
New Splatoon footagefaramir7745/22 11:48PM
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Milleyd225/22 11:48PM
Arcades are nearly dead
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TheWorstPoster115/22 11:47PM
Do you play video games to fill a hole in your life?
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Chef_Excellence115/22 11:46PM
Rate that TV Show ~ Day 756 ~ America's Funniest Home Videos (Poll)SIayer-55/22 11:45PM
ATTN: PotDers who work out.
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Graycrow295/22 11:45PM
Is it ok to overeat when sick?Lokarin105/22 11:42PM
LMAO do Americans really call oinky buns "hot dogs"?Kanakiri85/22 11:41PM
What is your favorite TF2 class? (Poll)AwesomeTurtwig85/22 11:41PM
Help me remember a 360 gameJoanOfArcade85/22 11:40PM
do you guys feel bad for people who stays at home on a friday night?
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lolamericans145/22 11:37PM
If you make a large time machine, and a small time machineTheWorstPoster45/22 11:34PM
When you try to look online for if man made climate is true...
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ArtistScientist425/22 11:20PM
Just the PotDers forums was wiped D=
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AwesomeTurtwig205/22 11:18PM