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I'm finally able to turn my air conditioner off in 5 days and open some windows.Erik_P38/19 6:11PM
Attn: people who are marriedMetro228/19 6:10PM
Obama's Unprecedented "Support" of Israel Includes Blocking Arms to Israel.
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JebBushWins168/19 6:05PM
I've made a huge mistake.Storrac58/19 6:03PM
Just conditioned my butthairShouri_Star48/19 6:01PM
Historically the Jewish people have suffered the most.
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ImmortalityV258/19 5:52PM
This man had sex with 100 dead woman. (Poll)
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SunWuKung420268/19 5:49PM
I love Kanakiri's new avatar.
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Storrac138/19 5:47PM
Super Mario World (Poll)CornishGhost88/19 5:45PM
Ayumi Hamasaki, J-pop star did the ice bucket challenge.Ferarri61988/19 5:43PM
This will probably get deleted... but about the 'Quinnspiracy'.
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blue_wat438/19 5:41PM
Oracle of Seasons or Oracle of Ages? (Poll)
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Zareth158/19 5:37PM
Jennifer Lawrence or Elizabeth Olsen?
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Yuffie360218/19 5:28PM
How do I prepare to read the ASOIAF books?
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Storrac488/19 5:28PM
I'm actually impressed by the board today regarding today's poll.GregHuffman78/19 5:27PM
PotDers should start a PotD ice bucket thingly chain.UnbiasTobias48/19 5:19PM
robo i miss you. can i get scantily clad pics for my bday?
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IAmNowGone218/19 5:19PM
Do you , guys, actually enjoy taste / smell of V?Lobomoon68/19 5:16PM
If Duckbear came to your house and told you to stop squishing bugs to your face (Poll)
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somasomafofoma278/19 5:15PM
Any PotDers live in Charlotte, North Carolina?DeltaBladeX18/19 5:15PM