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This Ninja Turtles looks much cooler than my original childhood
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itakwilsimanalo113/3 5:44AM
Girl of your dreams...but she's 4ft tall. (Poll)
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tompound90473/3 5:43AM
I think its hilarious how people think protein shakes are the best things in...
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joeA31153/3 5:39AM
Hot chocolate spiked with bourbon is one of the best things.GanonsSpirit73/3 5:38AM
Post your desktop background here.lvl99link73/3 4:16AM
That feel when you spend 3 hours recording and editing video....papercup63/3 3:14AM
Five Night's 3 is outpapercup43/3 2:22AM
tfw you can't help your friend that needs helpLemonDestroyer43/3 1:10AM
canine ate seven sick five year olds
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argonautweekynd113/3 1:00AM
What percentage of this board's childhoods sucked? (Poll)
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EclairReturns453/2 11:31PM
I'm a single guy, if I get a girlfriend how can I avoid getting cooties?cdark63/2 11:09PM
you know why they will never make half life 3mayu78073/2 10:59PM
Look at how HUGE this Dog's Head is!!...Warning, you might be scared... (Poll)Full Throttle43/2 10:32PM
Obama's greatest failure (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY913/2 10:26PM
Gangland just presented a catch 22 situation of sortsargonautweekynd73/2 10:20PM
You find a genie that grants you only one wish, but only if...
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ObligatoryFate583/2 10:17PM
What the hell just happened??? (Poll)HenryKissiger33/2 9:56PM
I'd hate to have Ancephalyargonautweekynd33/2 9:48PM
Rate this poem.Metro233/2 9:23PM
can you name a good RPG from Sega Genesis?
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itakwilsimanalo133/2 9:10PM