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people who dont watch animemayu780812/23 9:03PM
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Who's your Fire Emblem: Awakening waifu? (original characters only)
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OmegaM1912/23 8:44PM
you guys know the baby on the sun from teletubbies?
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ThePollGuy541112/23 8:38PM
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If I was an evil person...
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VioletZer01412/23 8:36PM
I wish we would get more Scalebound infoJoanOfArcade112/23 8:08PM
I wish I was attractive enough to make out with random girls/guysThePercoIator612/23 7:58PM
A friend of mine is way to ingrained into pc games from the 90'sJoanOfArcade312/23 7:53PM
Helena Bonham Carter is single for the first time since I've known who she was.
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DespondentDeity1812/23 7:46PM
My underpants cannot contain my girth!keyblader1985912/23 7:44PM
To people who hate JRPG's.
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knightoffire551512/23 7:42PM
hilarious senior yearbook quotes!ThePollGuy54512/23 7:39PM
I'm dreaming of a white ChristmasOgurisama712/23 7:33PM
I miss having Christmas vacations/breaks.WastelandCowboy412/23 7:12PM
Have you ever vandalized a wiki? (Poll)
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Action531612/23 7:06PM
Sexiest Doom Level Day 36: Halls Of The Damned Vs. Against Thee Wickedly (Poll)Ugly Joe212/23 7:03PM
Rate this list of games I beat this year!
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snae991512/23 6:54PM
Minneapolis now offering 10 gigabit Internet speedErik_P512/23 6:54PM
Does Nickelodeon have Korra up for download somewhere?snowboard340212/23 6:49PM