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I have heard MapleStory got better over the years.slacker03150711/17 11:31AM
Nintendo IPs can now be used for fan projectsBotnus912811/17 11:31AM
so besides DB and DBZ only Battle of the gods and Goku and friends canon?yourDaddie611/17 11:24AM
You get 40 million dollars...Milleyd411/17 11:23AM
Best movie ever. (Poll)
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knightoffire551611/17 11:22AM
Man I havent found a good gun in borderlands 1 in ages.argonautweekynd311/17 11:20AM
I thought the world was running out of come gas prices are down?
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davf1351211/17 11:15AM
One million dollars.
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argonautweekynd1111/17 11:09AM
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What Is The Worst SLANG Words Ever? (Poll)
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FadetooBlack7611/17 11:01AM
All these posts about life, death, and reboots. What if you never existed? (Poll)slacker03150911/17 11:00AM
Do you like to be aurally stimulated?bachewychomp611/17 10:58AM
I think we pissed off Pizza Hut
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BNVshark1232311/17 10:55AM
Am I a terrible poster? (Poll)WastelandCowboy1011/17 10:35AM
Do you pick your nose? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei1111/17 10:32AM
which afterlife would you prefer of these choices? (Poll)
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Zikten4011/17 10:29AM
There's nothing wrong in being in pro-lifeThe_Sexorcist411/17 10:25AM
All the stars you see in the sky are already dead, it's just light from the past
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darcandkharg311311/17 10:00AM
my cat pissed somewherepedro45811/17 10:00AM