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I just rewatched Hook, RIP Robin. Went to check where some of the kids are now.Dark_samus13158/17 8:23AM
Would you date a goth girl? (Poll)
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knightoffire55198/17 8:17AM
God damn it this rasin had a thing from a grape inside itLootman48/17 8:12AM
I am so damn tired...quigonzel18/17 8:10AM
I'm back! (Poll)
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beaubear208/17 8:10AM
They Really sold a tv dinner in the 70's called the man-pleaser?!NightMareBunny28/17 8:02AM
Almost max level in Heroes of the StormLootman18/17 7:43AM
Just found out there's a bus that goes from my college to my girlfriend's.
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Mr_melodramatic168/17 7:35AM
Dante's Inferno short fan film "Dante's Redemption" made by Naughty Dog animatorFar-Queue38/17 6:56AM
Which is better, Hope based on a lie, or knowing the truth and despairing? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei238/17 6:52AM
Is that new Planet of the Apes any good?Stupid Pirate Guy88/17 6:37AM
I hate to say it but this pissed me off!oddball746588/17 6:22AM
You should be watching OutlanderJudgmenl78/17 6:03AM
Have you ever "Accused" someone of being Gay before? (Poll)
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Full Throttle268/17 5:04AM
The magic system is the most important part of any work of fiction
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Blighboy128/17 4:07AM
Which presidential candidate would you be less likely to vote Ver. 2.0 (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link68/17 2:38AM
the way some of you act about me, you'd think in a past life we knew each otherNade Duck88/17 1:45AM
China sure has had a history of being bullied.
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ImmortalityV168/17 1:08AM
Best Lays Vote Flavor Chip? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny168/17 12:53AM
Those in relationships: How did you meet your s/o?
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rottenmonk238/17 12:36AM