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Ys: Memories of Celeta is fan-f******-tastic! :D
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Raganork10118/26 7:56AM
I really think Matthew McConaughey should've won Best Lead Actor.SIvIart_USMC68/26 7:48AM
Who else lives in an area surrounded by Asian Restaurants and/or Pizza places?
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ImmortalityV118/26 7:36AM
Why, do, birds, suddenly...Lootman78/26 7:34AM
We are not gonna take itViking_Mudcrap98/26 7:28AM
I kissed a girl today
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Mr_melodramatic498/26 7:06AM
wait, why is sakura being paired with kisame?
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mayu780178/26 6:20AM
Let us make a deal, PotD
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Ao_Ryuu54128/26 5:04AM
So I just bought Killzone Mercenaryraymanfan168/26 4:19AM
6-year-old kid gets run over by car, gets up unharmedMetro288/26 3:22AM
Offense to games poll: So if offended/disturbed, what was the game?
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hawsman2448/26 1:50AM
Best song on Weezer's blue album? (Poll)acesxhigh78/26 12:41AM
Developers that don't put volume mixers in their video games: f*** you.
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Revisited318/26 12:41AM
Super Smash Bros. 4 Final Roster!!! (Major Spoilers)
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MechaKirby518/26 12:22AM
Best song on Weezer's Pinkerton? (Poll)Kanakiri48/26 12:22AM
I thought the Rock music is of the Devil people died off in the 70s
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__Muscles__198/26 12:19AM
I had an....interesting....weekend.kratosdakota318/25 11:52PM
Jimmy Fallon just said the S*** word on Live TV at the Emmys!!Full Throttle98/25 11:41PM
Easy guide on how to park your carDeltaBladeX78/25 11:28PM
Which of these 3 girls would you want to date? (Poll)
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Sylvia_Dia228/25 11:24PM