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They're taking Battlestar Galactica off Netflix tomorrow. =(papercup59/30 1:24PM
Kaiba is one of the most childish anime characters when you think about it.Metro269/30 1:24PM
Why was Rage (id) so unpopular?
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BigOlePappy149/30 1:23PM
Are you pro gay? Anti gay? (Poll)
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noble banana1269/30 1:09PM
There are way too many topics about today's poll.SunWuKung42019/30 1:01PM
What should i have for dinner tonight lads ? (Poll)
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313800269/30 12:57PM
What's the best hotsauce to mix with mayo?
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thebestestbest169/30 12:44PM
I met this dog irl beforeAwesomeTurtwig99/30 12:43PM
seriously, these sunflower and seasame seeded crackers from Naturebox are ****inhelIy49/30 12:33PM
PS+ runs out on my day off.DirtBasedSoap29/30 12:32PM
Spider-man 2 isn't that good of a film
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Drpooplol259/30 12:16PM
I got a $5 eShop credit.GanonsSpirit99/30 12:12PM
Bayonetta 2 Sales!!!ernieforss89/30 12:08PM
What games have a good chapter/section/segment clear song/jingleAwesomeTurtwig59/30 12:07PM
That Simpsons/Family Guy crossover was bad.ZiggiStardust79/30 12:02PM
IT wizard is terrified as a Huge Spider is living outside his house..Should he (Poll)
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Full Throttle239/30 11:58AM
Most Underrated Final Fantasy?
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BigOlePappy369/30 11:57AM
My friend's band, Those People, is the featured band of the week...SunWuKung420109/30 11:51AM
Going to make some fettuccineSt_Kevin19/30 11:45AM
My internship just sent me a full check, 1 month after my contract endedAwesomeTurtwig89/30 11:42AM