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Welp, one of my friends tweeted that his Mom has ebola.
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Storrac2510/18 7:00PM
what's the proper protocol for asking out a cashierPhiloktetes610/18 6:50PM
Which out of these 2 are the hardest to resist (Poll)Ao_Ryuu54610/18 6:19PM
What do you think is the biggest blunder of the year so far? (Poll)
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Sylvia_Dia1410/18 6:10PM
Red or Blue pill (Poll)
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Ogurisama1410/18 6:09PM
I'm not very far in yet, but the plot of The Evil Within so far seems tosxcFARTYPENGUIN310/18 6:06PM
How should I respond to this?man101110/18 6:01PM
What are some of your best Smash Bros KOs?faramir77910/18 5:39PM
ATTN: DespondentDeity
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AllstarSniper322110/18 5:36PM
PSN Flash Sale
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Final Fantasy23892610/18 5:10PM
You know what's better than watching the Olympics?Metro2710/18 5:05PM
Holy s*** the funniest jump I've ever seen in a game happened in Alan Wake.
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Captain_Drek1610/18 4:50PM
Apparently "Social Justice Warrior" is an insult
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gotall10digits1310/18 4:48PM
I've made myself look like an idiot several times today.Judgmenl510/18 4:48PM
Time for a blast from pastAwesomeTurtwig210/18 4:46PM
How do you know if you have ebola? (Closed)deadpigs101910/18 4:44PM
Rate my appearance PotD. (Poll)
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KogaSteelfang3910/18 4:41PM
PotD Gun Topic
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SIvIart_USMC24610/18 4:40PM
Anyone catch the Toronto v Montreal game?Lokarin110/18 4:37PM
Scariest Movie Monster - 80s edition **Possible Spoilers** (Poll)Far-Queue610/18 4:13PM