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Just got kicked out of a gas station
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memoryrainshade635/20 12:58PM
So I finished part 3 of Life is Strange
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AllstarSniper32115/20 12:52PM
All lower case Ls are now pronounced as i.TheWorstPoster45/20 12:41PM
Wow. If you put "n***** house" in Google Maps it shows the White House
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Far-Queue145/20 12:37PM
I made the most stunning charting program in C# today.Judgmenl15/20 12:31PM
guess the games from the song lyrics.
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BlazeAndBlade125/20 12:28PM
How long is evolve?ArtistScientist35/20 12:28PM
Man, I hate being tired.ScooterHodunk15/20 11:55AM
GameFAQs: What happened to the reveal spoilers button?SunWuKung42075/20 11:33AM
PSA: Fat-shaming disguised as being helpful is just as bad as normal fat-shaming
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ArtistScientist445/20 11:30AM
uhhhh why can't I spoil myself, gfaqs?PowerOats45/20 11:24AM
Any good programs to amplify sound? Audacity?deadpigs10115/20 11:21AM
What do you plan to do with your parents when they're old?
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JanwayDaahl545/20 11:01AM
Nowadays, people without cell phones, don't have a great social life
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tiago92165/20 10:36AM
Rate this Villain Day 434 Gajeel Redfox (Fairy Tail) (Poll)scubasteve4275/20 10:25AM
Oklahoma City --- 3rd best city for jobsArtistScientist75/20 9:58AM
Just finished The Wolf Among us
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JoanOfArcade115/20 9:50AM
So do people who have plumber's cracks not realize it or do they just not care?chews95/20 9:36AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 436 Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail) (Poll)
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scubasteve42135/20 9:33AM
The latest chapter of Fairy Tail. (spoilers)SunWuKung42095/20 9:25AM