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I will remember you, do do do do dooChef_Excellence23/2 7:48AM
Why are people upset about US government regulation of the internet?
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Judgmenl733/2 7:19AM
Yes SpeeD, I'll be your friend.Dynalo63/2 7:05AM
I have my first big boy interview this Thursday
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AwesomeTurtwig183/2 6:42AM
Way to many gun incidents on the news again...Nichtcrawler X43/2 6:35AM
I tried to play Tetris the "right" way and I crapped out...Solid Sonic23/2 6:27AM
You discover a secret door in your basement (Paint Picture Adventure!)
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Mehere743/2 6:04AM
C/D You listen to music while working (Poll)aznStaRBoY53/2 5:51AM
Ever notice how there's never any old fat people?
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Have you ever shoplifted?
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Metro2303/2 5:34AM
Bojack Horseman made me feel all empty and stuffmadadude33/2 5:06AM
Most attractive out of all Walking Dead girls? (Poll)
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Halomaster03403/2 4:58AM
Literally just dropped in on Max's stream to watch him beat Boss Rush on....Krow_Incarnate43/2 4:57AM
Man who shot Pregnant Friend in the Head while Gunslinging is NOT Punished!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle173/2 4:05AM
This 26 y/o Asian Girl who got Ebola is SUING cause she is losing her Hair!!.. (Poll)
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The Unofficial PotD Twitch Stream Topic
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Gamechamp3k673/2 2:08AM
Have you ever watched the 70's TV show: Monkey Magic (Poll)BlazeAndBlade13/2 1:36AM
i squished a gnat that was on my monitor.Nade Duck33/2 1:09AM
Just picked up some Ruination for the Walking Dead tonight....Krow_Incarnate43/2 1:08AM
This poll seems to be lacking an option.Unbridled923/2 12:50AM