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ITT: Recommend me graphic novels (and manga...again)urmomishawt0487/24 6:09PM
I have an 11-hour flight today, PotD.Sarcasthma37/24 6:05PM
I forgot about the latest Edguy release! Listening now and it's so awesome.bluPython17/24 6:03PM
10 minutes till rwby season 2 starts
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Ashphantom117/24 6:03PM
Stop what you're doing and go watch Snowpiercerpapercup27/24 6:00PM
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Hey guys, rate this picture I took. (Poll)
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GameTok with Lok: What's the deal with instant death spells and status effects?
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Lokarin367/24 5:46PM
You log in and see: "Inbox (1)" (Poll)
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Arctic_Sunrise457/24 5:45PM
Destiny beta download "unavailable"?jackson555957/24 5:42PM
Simpsons rating topic- Day 118- Sideshow Bob Roberts (Poll)DumpsterMcNuggets77/24 5:41PM
Is there a Fire Emblem-esque game for PC?AloneWeStand107/24 5:31PM
Let's binge-watch Agent's of SHIELD! (Possible spoilers)
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Captain-Trips167/24 5:27PM
Destiny beta open for everyone now.Kimbos_Egg97/24 5:18PM
We should play Cards Against Humanity.
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newsuperdude807/24 5:07PM
This is so ****ing dumb (Kingdom Hearts).bluPython107/24 4:59PM
Here's a weird video game retelling/"fanfic" that I wrote back in 2007.Milleyd47/24 4:59PM