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I've decided I want to go sky diving
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Erik_P234/1 10:39AM
Spot a girl in her underwear...
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Solid Sonic134/1 10:31AM
Need help identifying a moiveHenryKissiger64/1 10:27AM
Craziest Hack-and-Slash series? (Poll)
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FinalXemnas134/1 10:27AM
At what age would The Lord of the Rings books be appropriate to hear?Cosmic_Gunbrain34/1 10:14AM
Superman being weak to magic always struck me as bulls***. Magic isn't real!AIundra44/1 10:11AM
The cake is a pie!TheWorstPoster24/1 10:08AM
On average how much you spend on gas ?
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UFO reports from military personnel on Unsolved Mysteries.
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GrimCyclone164/1 10:03AM
If batman doesn't kill, how can he justify eating meat?
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BirdsOfPray434/1 9:57AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 395 Captain Carrot (Poll)scubasteve4214/1 9:55AM
Rate this Villain day 393 Starro (Poll)scubasteve4214/1 9:55AM
Should I buy final Fantasy X?
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BNVshark123364/1 9:52AM
The book store (Chapters) in my city is stupidly expensive.
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Dynalo164/1 9:48AM
Judgmenl. I found a guy on the Smash U Board with a quite offensive avatar.
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LeetCheet224/1 9:46AM
Games with no story > Games with bad writing/characters
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brisashi234/1 9:44AM
About today's poll of the day...Tack5084/1 9:36AM
I feel like games are not fun anymore, but then I play Gravity Rush.Ferarri61964/1 9:34AM
My Uncle just died and has left me $3million.Dan042944/1 9:31AM
Every April Fools and GameFAQs gets more lameSt_Kevin94/1 9:31AM