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So now Rusia has a Right wing president and America has a Left wingMetal_Gear_Link39/2 2:03PM
If you are not black and you get shot by police, you dont get media coverage
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NovicePro249/2 2:02PM
It'd been awhile since I played the guitar. For what I felt, was a good reason
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Melon_Master129/2 2:02PM
The Great Big Space Adventure: A Text and Picture AdventureMehere19/2 1:59PM
How come laptops never have an HDMI-in input?Metro269/2 1:56PM
Can helly get modded for their avatar?
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Storrac169/2 1:53PM
If gaming was a school...
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Unbridled9119/2 1:44PM
So the mainstream media basically has no idea what happens on the internet.DarkKirby250039/2 1:42PM
Interesting video on Asperger's I wanted to share with you all
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BNVshark123169/2 1:36PM
Pewdiepie now has 30 million subscribers.Metro2109/2 1:34PM
Just finished hypnoxing to my waifu.
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SuperBetaBoy159/2 1:30PM
Here's a pic of one of my dumbo rats.Milleyd89/2 1:29PM
There was an error posting your messageknightoffire5529/2 1:26PM
The best parts of Game Grumps are Danny's dad stories.Zareth19/2 1:22PM
I've never played Champions of Norrath.Milleyd59/2 1:21PM
Is Cheerleading a sport?
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VioletZer0189/2 1:19PM
Trying to find the name of a movie
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scubasteve42169/2 1:15PM
I need a f***ing car.DirtBasedSoap99/2 1:04PM
What's your favourite multiplayer looty game?
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Lokarin159/2 1:01PM
Rate this Villain Day 206 James (Pokemon) (Poll)
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scubasteve42139/2 12:59PM