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Is Spirit Breaker good in Dota 2? I always liked playing him before.DespondentDeity59/19 8:23PM
Have you ever burnt your mouth on a hot piece of pizza? (Poll)
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ABC Family's 13 Nights Of Halloween TV Schedule Looks Like Crap This Year
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Today's Poll: Most dominant system?
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Is Treasure Planet a Disney movie that went under the radar?FellWolf99/19 8:14PM
There are these 3 girls that I have a big crush on, but...Metro259/19 8:13PM
Oh jesh.. It's the fancy wedding talk time already.
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Melon_Master169/19 8:10PM
Modern Family or The Big Bang Theory? (Poll)
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GhoullyX339/19 8:06PM
If ICO and Muscles fought each other in a battle to the death who would win? (Poll)Uppercuticus59/19 8:05PM
weird hair guy at my school
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humptyrump179/19 8:01PM
itt: ill give my honest opinion of you
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IAmNowGone159/19 7:57PM
PotD Rate the video game song: Day 42 - Forest Adventure (Squirrell King) (Poll)quigonzel59/19 7:56PM
I had the worst experience at game stop todayAo_Ryuu5499/19 7:56PM
Tomorrow I'm going on vacation. My goal is to not visit GameFAQs the whole time
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bachewychomp139/19 7:56PM
Suppose quantum cloning becomes viable (Phantasy Star)Lokarin59/19 7:55PM
Should I oder a pizza?
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Mr_melodramatic119/19 7:54PM
Which is a better job (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY219/19 7:51PM
I just heard the stupidest "Sexy is sexist" argument ever.VioletZer029/19 7:50PM