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Would you date half a girl?
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Who's Online Right Now? Need Someone to Bounce Ideas Off Of... (Closed)
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You go back in time, to find out that the 1960's in its entirety was a hoaxWhatPoll28/31 6:34PM
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How do you like steak? (Poll)
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Ogurisama548/31 6:28PM
Super Mario Bros. 3 (Poll)
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CornishGhost178/31 6:28PM
Have you ever been a victim of "soft" modding?NeoSioType48/31 6:24PM
The guy at the Verizon store told my parents not to leave their phones pluggedinZareth88/31 6:22PM
Anyone know of a website to legally watch episodes 13-48 of fairy tail for free?
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Flutershy328/31 6:17PM
This White Woman converted into Radical Islam and wants to behead Christians... (Poll)Full Throttle38/31 6:16PM
Who here enjoyed Oregon Trail, but think it needed more action?DeltaBladeX68/31 6:13PM
Tons of Kate upton nudes just leaked. (Sure at least some of these are real)twa55638/31 6:08PM
Alright, I've got Tinychat fired up, if anyone feels like being social.
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Arctic_Sunrise178/31 6:07PM
PSVita 3DS XB1 Steam(PC)Or Wiiu?(Which is my better games library?) (Poll)NightMareBunny38/31 6:06PM
am i too judgemental?
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Nade Duck148/31 6:05PM
Rate this animation /Day 526/ Sailor Moon (Poll)SIayer-98/31 6:03PM
Who knew Robocop would predict the Future of Detroit so well
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St_Kevin128/31 6:02PM