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Christiians: 1. Atheists: 0The_Sexorcist73/4 9:31AM
Why do fat women want to force people to consider them attractive?
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yourDaddie283/4 9:30AM
What's that ball of light during the GoT opening scenes?KogaSteelfang13/4 9:29AM
The Doctor Who club on campus is so lame, I swear.BNVshark12393/4 9:29AM
I took that girl out bowling. Hahaha I f***ing kicked her ass
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Sirkukukingz5123/4 9:24AM
#effyourbeautystandards #uglyisbeautifulChef_Excellence43/4 9:23AM
Are you curious ? (Poll)yourDaddie53/4 9:23AM
my original PS2 is somewhere out there...probably still broken. where's yours?
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ZiggiStardust113/4 9:22AM
Team Ninja rebuts Feminist SJW's regarding female "design choices"?
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shipwreckers1183/4 9:20AM
I have questions for all of you.WadaTah23/4 9:20AM
Do you say FInal Fantasy Ecks or Ten? (Poll)
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The_Sexorcist223/4 9:20AM
3DRealm's "Bombshell" actually looks kinda decent.ZiggiStardust73/4 9:18AM
I have my first big boy interview this Thursday
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AwesomeTurtwig233/4 9:16AM
C/D: Curly hair on guys looks dumb.
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Chef_Excellence153/4 9:15AM
Most rare/valuable PS2 game you own?
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Link1429163/4 9:12AM
Which laptop brand offers the best price for their gaming laptops?Joshsonic26103/4 9:11AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 368 Spyro the Dragon (Poll)scubasteve4273/4 9:06AM
Day 366 Villain Mash Up (Poll)scubasteve4283/4 9:06AM
I got another raise at work.Jen012553/4 9:00AM
We are overdue for a Pokemon Colosseum 3PowerOats33/4 8:53AM