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This is the longest my hair's been in a whileBNVshark1231010/29 8:22PM
I could get Lords of the Fallen...Lokarin410/29 8:09PM
Did you know Eddie Deezen made out with Tonya Harding?
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Creepyposter1210/29 8:03PM
one time as a kid when i was trick-or-treating the weirdest thing happened
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Nade Duck1310/29 8:02PM
Avengers 3 footage leaked alreadyJoanOfArcade510/29 7:53PM
Speedruns are hard to watch without commentary.knightoffire55210/29 7:48PM
I'm really starting to appreciate shorter games nowadaysRaganork10810/29 7:36PM
I'm craving white castle burgersgrape_purple610/29 7:31PM
I've been craving Sausage recentlyAwesomeTurtwig1010/29 7:21PM
This 20 y/o Pizza Man strangled his room-mate..then had Sex with her Body... (Poll)
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Full Throttle1810/29 7:13PM
Would you date a tomboyish girl? (Poll)
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PollGuy544410/29 7:01PM
Oh, I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay, I sleep all night and I work all day.WastelandCowboy210/29 6:59PM
Democrats oppose voter ID requirements because they want illegal immigrant votes
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CiIantro9710/29 6:54PM
A hangover that could kill an African elephant.DirtBasedSoap310/29 6:45PM
im bored and its been at least 2-3 months. post a pic of u and ill rate it.
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IAmNowGone3610/29 6:38PM
this is sickening.
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Ao_Ryuu541110/29 6:36PM
I found a 3DS about 2 months agoAction53510/29 6:33PM
Do you believe in ghosts?Part3610/29 6:30PM
I am in love with Lindsey Stirling
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thedeerzord1610/29 6:29PM
What was your first Nintendo Handheld console? (Poll)
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Ogurisama4710/29 6:28PM