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Think they'll have Man-Bat in Arkham Knight? I suggested it years ago for City..culture_den35/22 4:08PM
Do they sell a whole stick of Jolly Rancher.Judgmenl55/22 4:05PM
Rate this Villain Day 437 Man-Bat (Poll)scubasteve4235/22 4:05PM
I just started using Mint for my finances.ArtistScientist15/22 4:03PM
Battle Geek
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The Wave Master2505/22 4:00PM
I've whacked my thumb with a hammer no less than FOUR times today.ScooterHodunk75/22 3:58PM
Check out my great Canadian internetLokarin45/22 3:54PM
Dear PotD: Please come to the castle. I've baked a cake for you.Captain-Trips15/22 3:54PM
Recent topics have proven that my life experiences / interests are opposite of.Judgmenl55/22 3:53PM
It is official: I am old.
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VioletZer0125/22 3:52PM
Top 30 Scariest True Urban Legends(Youtube)NightMareBunny15/22 3:51PM
rofl ive never seen this. laughing so hardDirtBasedSoap65/22 3:50PM
Of these 3 games, which you recommend for me to download off the Wii-U E-Shop? (Poll)Redmage198785/22 3:46PM
I kinda want da sex with a really mucular girl
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Lokarin395/22 3:44PM
How old is the pillow you sleep with?
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BTB295/22 3:40PM
do any of you 90's kids remember this?
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NightMareBunny125/22 3:38PM
three little orphans one two three, without a home or a familyZikten65/22 3:37PM
I bought some shoes from a drug dealerEreshkigaI35/22 3:25PM
So Shenti, I'm moving to OKC.
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ArtistScientist515/22 3:22PM
Why do so many people hate Capcom?
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Metal_Gear_Link625/22 3:20PM