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I never thought of myself as an interracial dater.
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DaltonM237/21 5:58PM
Finally started Sherlock, any fans here?Nichtcrawler X77/21 5:55PM
WTF? Nickelodeon actress was in weird nazi movie. Gets molested!?Ryan-0697/21 5:48PM
Ugh, it's hard to come up with the right lies to pass these E-Reward surveys.Pirate_Arrows87/21 5:12PM
Just got gimp, give me some stuff to do in it
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DrPrimemaster167/21 5:11PM
Does freedom of speech apply to everything? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei157/21 4:59PM
What gender do you identify as? (Poll)
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HenryKissiger157/21 4:55PM
welp, set my wii back up just so i could play smash
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Nade Duck157/21 4:48PM
with all these heroes changing race and gender would it be OK to make
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SHADOW0106317/21 4:45PM
My brother met Weird Al Yankovic!Storrac57/21 4:41PM
Recommend apps for android tablet.urmomishawt0467/21 4:36PM
What are some good date movies out rn
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OmegaTomHank127/21 4:33PM
Rate Cartoon /10 -- Mr. Magoo (Poll)Slayer786157/21 4:32PM
Mmmm, T-bone steakKr0w1Nc4rNa7337/21 4:25PM
What are some good underrated movies/tv shows on Netflix
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scubasteve42357/21 4:23PM
Sitting at McDs and these two girls are saying how all men are a-holes. AMA,
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Llanthana267/21 4:22PM
Netflix shows/movies that look awful but are good?
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AmeliaJane16157/21 4:21PM
The day when games look better than real lifeWhatPoll57/21 4:13PM
Which is the LEAST BIAS news source? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei207/21 4:12PM
What movies do you think are highly overrated?
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Metro2197/21 4:10PM