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New Animal Crossing game out this year
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JoanOfArcade124/18 10:58PM
I watched Pulp Fiction and Good Will Hunting for the first time today.MasterSword54644/18 10:48PM
I'll have two numbuh nines, a numbuh nine large,Miroku_of_Nite1104/18 10:45PM
looks like every star wars character gets a comic book now....
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NightMareBunny164/18 10:40PM
C/D There is alien life in the universe (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY274/18 10:26PM
When are we going to get nostalgia games based on the PS1 era?VioletZer084/18 9:58PM
Best Steven Segal movies, go!Lokarin84/18 9:56PM
What does PotD think of the FX show "Louie"?Captain-Trips94/18 9:50PM
Definition of SJW.
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Storrac144/18 9:48PM
Anyone know if the physical PC version of GTA V registers on Steam?
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Judgmenl144/18 9:44PM
15 years later, the Shishio storyarc of Kenshin is still one of the most perfectquigonzel44/18 9:44PM
Mario freaks me outTheWorstPoster14/18 9:26PM
Just got Titan Souls on Steam
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Sarcasthma264/18 9:25PM
Netflix keeps recommending movies because I "like Wild Wild West"ArctheLad1384/18 9:23PM
Girl Meets World Season 2 is going to be ballin' (Spoilers)Judgmenl74/18 9:16PM
I'm watching The Babadook
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Jen0125254/18 9:09PM
i can't seehelIy44/18 9:08PM
Bought a 1/100 scale Master Grade Aegis Gundam model kit yesterday.
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DespondentDeity514/18 9:07PM
How do you feel about 'victim impact statements" in sentencing hearings?KainReaver10924/18 9:04PM
Tidying up and I found an old vhs home video of my family 20 years ago. (Closed)
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WastelandCowboy124/18 8:13PM