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Why is it generally not acceptable to say that white women are beautiful?KainReaver10965/22 1:11PM
Sony's Impact on Gaming
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Cubis101135/22 1:11PM
Rate this Villain Day 437 Man-Bat (Poll)scubasteve4225/22 1:01PM
When you try to look online for if man made climate is true...
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ArtistScientist125/22 12:55PM
This board is dead tonight.
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Judgmenl225/22 12:52PM
Was playing Witcher 3 when this error popped up and booted me out of the game
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quigonzel145/22 12:52PM
Reminder: Tomorrow is the final splatoon testfireNightMareBunny105/22 12:50PM
This is some really cool make up.ArtistScientist25/22 12:32PM
don't eat doughnuts with fillingsgrumble_roar45/22 12:24PM
I'm really drunk and it's karaoke night. (Poll)knightoffire5575/22 12:24PM
Not sure if I should get dark souls now or wait for a sale (pc)
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green dragon185/22 12:19PM
I can't stand people who ask for cigarettes from strangers.
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kratosdakota3215/22 12:19PM
Excessive Ponies Topic XXVIII Excessive Purges Edition (Poll)
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GanonsSpirit1605/22 12:16PM
People who defend their ignorance of geography are precious.
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Judgmenl215/22 12:14PM
How old were you when you first saw compltely naked live member of opposite sex?
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Lobomoon515/22 12:07PM
Watching Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, what happened to Cali?deadpigs10165/22 12:04PM
Scenario: you're talking to a smoking hot girl on AIMBNVshark12365/22 12:03PM
I did all my work for that day and now I'm bored. :(
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Jen0125115/22 11:51AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 439 Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail) (Poll)scubasteve4215/22 11:47AM
Woooooo less than 10 days until I'm back in AmericaESMWjot35/22 11:43AM