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Let's binge-watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - part 2Captain-Trips79/1 4:41PM
You ever sit back and think if any commercials worked on you?
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Indignation169/1 4:39PM
Anime/Manga/VN/Osu/JRPG/Related Things Discussion Topic XXXIX
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That_70s_show1689/1 4:39PM
Disney's The Hobbit II is On HBO... Question?FadetooBlack79/1 4:36PM
This 26 y/o Man tried to re-sell nude pics of J.Lawrence. Should he go to prison (Poll)Full Throttle49/1 4:35PM
Okay I am going to pick ONE game on /vg/'s catalogue and play itJudgmenl89/1 4:35PM
I'm going to make the board drunks cry with just one imageDeltaBladeX49/1 4:31PM
i just finished watching The WireKingmichael1337109/1 4:28PM
I'm gonna have me some fun!EvilMegas59/1 4:27PM
does salt and sweet popcorn have sugar in it?Ao_Ryuu5489/1 4:26PM
Whenever there a nudes leaked, I'm always reminded of how ****y we all are.
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UnbiasTobias189/1 4:25PM
Would you rather date someone who is half your weight or 1.5x your weight? (Poll)
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Jvaas309/1 4:24PM
Blog, Blog, Girl, Blog, Continued!
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aDirtyShisno169/1 4:24PM
So I played the first episode of The Wolf Among UsAwesomeTurtwig19/1 4:23PM
Geek Eternal
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Entity132089/1 4:21PM
If you are dropped into a twilight with no clock, can you tell Dusk from Dawn?
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davf135219/1 4:21PM
when I get home I am going to finish my game of civ4 (Poll)Ogurisama79/1 4:19PM
All I know about the Walking Dead is that there's a sheriff and a zombieFatalAccident99/1 4:14PM
All the foods you love to eat now taste like s***WhatPoll49/1 4:14PM
There are some days were I kinda want to make a Let's Play seriesAwesomeTurtwig49/1 4:08PM